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DECEPTIVELY SIMILAR TRADEMARKS IN THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY: A THREAT TO SOCIETY.By, Shaivi Nihal Shah and Palash Moolchandani What is Deceptive Similarity? There are a number of wa [...]

ORIGINALITY, AUTHOR AND PUBLICATION: THE THREE MUSKETEERS OF COPYRIGHT OVER CUSTOMER LISTBy Afzal Mohhamad Introduction For far too long, there has been a continuous scuffle between employe [...]

PERSONALITY RIGHTS: A NEED FOR LEGISLATION                                      by, Ankita Aseri INTRODUCTION What are Personality Rights? The [...]

PERFORMERS RIGHTS: AMBIGUITIES IN SECTION 38ABy, Ankita Aseri   INTRODUCTION The Amending Act has given affirmative rights to the performers by o [...]

PROTECTION OF FICTIONAL CHARACTERS UNDER COPYRIGHT LAWBy, Sonakshi Bannerjee INTRODUCTION Copyright aims to incentivise authors to create artistic works t [...]

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