GI Workshop: Organised by IPC-EUI

The volunteers of CIPR, NUALS attended a Workshop on Geographical Indicators (GIs) organised under the banner of European Union – India Intellectual Property Co-operation (IPC-EUI) with the support of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and the Government of India. Organised at Taj Malabar, in Willingdon Island, Kochi, The Workshop is to be the first in a series of workshops held under the EU-IPC Banner.

Mr. Elio De Tullio, hailing from Italy (representing the EU Intellectual Property Office) led the first session, on “EU GI System & Types”, after which Mr. Chinnaraja G Naidu led the session on “Indian GI system & types”, including the concept of authorized user. After a small break, Professor TC James presented two sides of GI story: “The success of Chanderi Sarees in contrast with Venkatagiri Sarees”. Then Mr. De Tulio presented the group with a series on various instances of GI & Trademark conflict, their results, etc.

After which the partcipants, with the guidance of Prof. James and Mr. De Tulio, attempted to formulate an action plan to register a GI and then discussed the same.

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