The NUALS Intellectual Property Law Review Volume II

Discussing IPR Issues when AI is the Author: A Bird’s Eye Perspective- Prof. (Dr.) G.B Reddy, Sai Bhavana Vemuri

Implications of the Prius Judgment for Trans-Border Reputation and Passing-off in India- Rajendra Kumar, Aishwarya Menon

Interface of IPR with Genetic Resources and Associated Traditional Knowledge: International Provisions- Dr. Gargi Chakrabarti, Anand Kumar Singh

Trends of Artificial Intelligence Patent Filing: Indian Scenario & Its Legal Aspects- Vijitha Rajan, Sreelakshmi M.S, Dr. I.G Rathish

Pharmaceutical Patents: Weighing Intellectual Property Rights On The Human Rights Scale- Dr. Mouri Ghosh

The Distinctiveness of Colour Trademark: A European and Russian Experience- Konstantin Voropaev

Changing Regulatory Anti-Trust Attitudes Towards High-Technology- Meghna Sharma, Prashant Singh

Comments On The Draft Geographical Indications Guidelines: Implications And Discrepancies- Sulok S.K

Facets of IP in the Sports & e-Sports Industry: Traversing Horizons- Arnav Bishnoi, Achint Johri

Price Control on Patented Drugs in India- Manisha Bhau

Online Intermediary Liability and Copyright Infringement: A Comparative Study of the Framework in India and USA- Amala G., Ananya K

This volume can be downloaded as a PDF here.

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