The NUALS Intellectual Property Law Review Volume III

Strategies For Geographical Indications Protection: Takeaways from India – Ananthu S Hari, Prof. (Dr.) K.D Raju

Penalty of ‘Compulsory Licensing’: A Derogation from Patent Protection to deter the Misuse, as Patent & Antitrust Law Interfaced – Lubhanshi Rai

Copyright’s Tryst with Tattoos: Navigating Issues of Ownership, Bodily Autonomy and Publicity Rights – Adyasha Samal

The Rising Indispensability for International Commercial Arbitration to Resolve Intellectual Property Disputes – Athith Pradeep

Copyright Blockchained: Exploring the Possibilities and Challenges of Blockchain Implementation in the Copyright Realm – Mayank Tyagi

Geographical Indications: Catalysing India’s Journey Towards Becoming ‘Atmanirbhar’ – Yashi Agrawal

Trade Secrecy: Another Source of Mayhem in the Covid-Stricken World – Himani Jaruhar, Riya Thawani

Indian Ad Tech Industry at Loggerheads with Ad-Blocking: Potential Copyright Violations and Net Neutrality Issues – Mohit Kar, Shreya Sahoo

Can Deep Thought Patent the Earth? Artificial Intelligence’s Tryst with Patent Law – Arvind Sankar, Jitmanyu Satpati

Of Waivers and Appeals – Note

This volume can be downloaded as a PDF here.

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